NZ Dominatrix Sophia In Her Emerald Green Robe
New Zealand Dominatrix Sophia In Her Emerald Green Robe
Gorgeous Mistress Sophia NZ Pro Domme In Green Silk
Gorgeous Mistress Sophia NZ Pro Domme In Green Silk

Discover Your World Of Fetish And Fantasy With Mistress Sophia

Are you simply sick and tired of being on top all the time?...

Making all of the decisions?...
Would you love to trust your partner enough to relax and really switch your mind off?
Perhaps even to be taken to wonderful, forbidden and even dangerous places in a safe and compassionate way.

It's time for you to indulge, to be dominated by a True Young Goddess, someone who has turned her deviant sexuality into one of the most luxurious services in the world... and continues to improve year by year.

I will delve deep into your mind and figure out the best experience for you. I will begin by pulling your fantasies out piece by piece to give you thoughts you never even knew were possible...

I learn so much about you while analysing, pushing, and exploring your desires... to take you on a journey to a place where only my voice and touch matters... where I choose to toy around and play softly with you to powerful effect.

I am Mistress Sophia, the ultimate in luxury erotic domination services. Come and visit me here my home online or in my Auckland, New Zealand Dungeon Studio.

Well known as a must see Dominatrix in NZ I am not just simply a courtesan or escort but an entire erotic BDSM experience.



New Zealand's Ultimate Dominatrix Mistress Sophia In A Green Silk Robe

The Ultimate Starting Point For Beginners

My signature Session Series “Erotic Bondage For Beginners” is a small selection of the hundreds of incredible fantasy options available for you.

This is the introduction that every newcomer to the world of BDSM wants to experience, my signature session and best seller of all time! The one that all of your future sessions are built from! This is only the beginning, if you are unsure of where to start in the world of fetish and fantasy my suggestion is to always start with my "Erotic Bondage for Beginners" signature session...

This experience is custom created and catered for those who want more out of their erotic encounters, to try power exchange in a light, sexy and sensual way.

The classic long slow tease is suited to a curious beginner, the session introduces the novice into the intense world of erotic BDSM in a seductive way that gives you something to think about and build on in your journey to more intense sex.

Light and slow, the beginner is relaxed into just enjoying the sensations and quickly forgetting any nerves they walked in with.

Tied, teased and taught how to relax into being under mistresses verbal and physical control.

Sensory deprivation heightens experience even further while your body is touched and teased all over, building up trust and pushing boundaries in an erotic way, with some exciting surprises to heighten the senses further toward our intense climax to finish.

You are along for the ride, not having to make decisions or "perform" as it is all about you and your experience... This is a one on one session with Mistress looking groomed, chic and gorgeous as always.

Dressed impeccably in stylish designer fetish wear to be every part of your Glamour Fantasy Dominatrix.



NZ Domme Mistress Sophia In A Stunning Green Robe

Explore The Darker Side

BDSM (Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism) has been kept behind the closed doors of many and deep in the shadows for centuries.

It is the best kept secret that nobody is talking about. Giving those who partake a fresh way to explore and enjoy the intense delights that accompany such a bold choice.

When we start embracing the shadow side of ourselves, we find a place transformation and healing. We learn to let go and relax, to learn and to explore fully as we did when we were children... with abandon.

Letting go is the ultimate power, and this incredibly sensual art form is unlike anything you've ever experienced or even imagined. It all comes together into a wonderfully exhilarating experience... a leather collar around your neck, and padded cuffs softly binding your wrists and ankles.

As you surrender to the sensations and forget the outside world, Your eyes are covered with a blindfold. Lightly secured and tied under my control, you sink deeply into your body as I take full control, giving you the freedom to just enjoy the ride and embrace the pleasure.



Mistress Sophia is recognised as Australasia's Top Elite Independent Fetish Professional

She has an unusual beauty and is a gifted courtesan, with a stunning and naturally striking face, mesmerising blue eyes and soft, full naturally pouty lips that will amaze you... not to mention her incredible breasts!

Sophia is a must-see independent escort, she is a gifted courtesan.

A private independent courtesan offers so much more than just a Massage parlour or auckland Brothel type arrangement, this is Fully Customized Luxury at its finest! Something that even the Top Agency or Best Auckland Massage Parlor could not realistically offer. The Pinnacle Of Auckland Adult Entertainment, Sophia is the first choice of any traveller wanting to experience the ultimate BDSM Femme Fatale.

Domina Mistress Sophia Wearing A Green Silk Robe

Well hello there
Good to see you have finally found me...

My name is Sophia and I am The Queen of Fetish and Fantasy... The exclusive world class Dominatrix & Mistress you have been looking for. The search is over.
You have found the rare combination of Beauty, Intelligence, Passion and a seductively wicked mind.

I am recognised as a “must see” Dominatrix in my home of Auckland, New Zealand(NZ) and Internationally.

I am an award nominated Fetish Film Star, Producer, Dominatrix, Fetishist and all around Deviant who has created my artistic life from all of the things I love... and live every day.

I truly am exactly where I should be, I was born a Dominatrix and recognised my “calling” at a very, very young age.

I bring my full and true self to my sessions. You will meet an authentic, accomplished woman who makes no apologies or excuses for who she is... who also happens to be highly skilled in the art of psychological development and control.

I will deconstruct and reconstruct you into a better version of yourself. With a lot of fun and friendship along the way.

I could be a tyrant, a savior, a siren, a fiend & confidant... I will become all things and all characters in order to achieve the intensity in life that I desire... I want nothing less than to change your life.

Consistently setting myself apart from the rest, I choose to be an original and let my body of work speak for itself.

I can truly guarantee that there is no one like me. The difference is clear. Come and join in my devious life.



Independent Escort in Auckland, New Zealand.

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All of my Playmate profiles contain photos of the Actual Models themselves in Full Designer Fetishwear, Lingerie and Corsetry.

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New Zealand's Mistress Sophia A Stunning Dominatrix