NZ Dominatrix Mistress Sophia
NZ Dominatrix Mistress Sophia

this session is a 1 on 1 with Sophia

I am famous for my sissy training, I have trained hundreds of sluts, many who had never even dressed up before have found a wonderful amount of fun doing sissy play sessions with me. Don't wait another 10 years to start having some real fun. Come in for a beginner's session and get your sissy party started.

Nervous beginners don't need to worry at all as we are doing a beginner level sissy training session catered to a first timers level of play.

Beginners dress ups are how we begin our session, leading to a full transformation to the point where you will truly not even recognise yourself. My hair and makeup skills are at a professional level. Your Gender transformation is topped off with amazing silicone False breasts, they look and feel all so natural. In Full hair and makeup and dressed so sexy, you will look and feel like a real woman for the very first time.

Now that you look the part, Slut tasks are on our agenda to get you trained up to be a proper sissy in training. Strap on training and Cock sucking training are our first lessons, you are going to Put on a show to Pleasure mistress as she desires and show me how slutty you will be for me.

Verbal domination keeps you in full sissy slut mode, it just comes naturally from you when in my presence.

Book your beginners sissy slut training session today.

Fully Private Custom Built Safe Playspace with Unmarked Private Doorway. On road Parking available at various local locations. You will never run into another client at my premesis, I am Independent and my Dungeon premesis is mine alone.
My Designer Fetish Wardrobe, Toys, Leather Gear, Bondage Gear are all inclusive and available during your session. Full shower and Bathroom Facilities with Unlimited Fluffy Towels. Time to shower and relax before and after your session.
Complimentary Aftercare with Mistress upon the completion of the session. Relaxed time together to debrief in comfortable surroundings and recap our adventures.
Complimentary taxi call service if required.
This Beginners Session is a 1 on 1 with Sophia and it includes all of the elements listed on this page. Pricing is all inclusive. The ideal timeframe for this Beginners Session is 2hours, it allows us a full bodied experience with no cause to rush.
$2500 NZD
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