"In her theatrical Auckland Central dungeon - which she renovated from a disused shell by herself - Mistress Sophia sees clients whose needs don’t necessarily fit into the conventional ideas of sex. Interestingly that client base is ever growing and with the popularity of the likes of Fifty Shades of Grey, BDSM and in turn Mistress Sophia are attracting even more attention." - Excerpt from article featured in Localist:.

Fetish Outfits, Latex Corsets, Tight Lacing


My purpose built studio is minimalist theatrical chic style.

With a very clear purpose in mind, I wanted to create a building where you move from the hustle bustle of Auckland’s city centre to an unassuming doorway seemingly nestled in the midst of it all. A place where you leave your life at the door and pick it up on the way out again. Built For those who wish to experience a most foreboding Lair with all it's paraphernalia in a private and stylish location, you will find it within walking distance of Auckland's CBD.

From there, a hallway leads to a private theatre boasting 2 areas and 2 levels of custom fitted private studios, it is theatrical and spacious with a simple and balanced décor to fit any fantasy. The original building is 100 years old and still with all of its stunning Kauri wood floors and red brick walls.

Multiple floors are hidden by trap doors and staircases. Candlelit and beneath the old floors of my main Dungeon they are incredibly atmospheric. The acoustics echoing off the brick walls enrich the overall senses, enhancing ones experience even further! Flames flicker casting eerie shadows. Shackles, whips, collars, leather and chains lavishly adorn the brick walls. Imbued deep within these dungeon walls are the perpetual experiences of my slaves enduring the most mind blowing sensations, while every little detail has been captivated to enhance and intensify my slave's inner most depravities!

The dungeon boasts a superb quality Suspension Rack Set and Bondage Benches. The walls are laced with a collection of robust Canes, Nipple Clamps, Strap-Ons, Hoods, Ropes, Collars and Leads, Whips and Floggers, Leather Hog Ties, a Leather Bondage Sack, a Rubber Bondage Sack and many other items in Leather and Rubber. The shelves provide an exquisite display of playful toys. Varying size Dildos and Butt Plugs. With ceiling to floor custom theatre curtains, antique chandeliers and a brilliant lighting and sound system the dungeon creates an environment that hits all your senses.

If you would like to see just how creative I am with my equipment, take a good look through my Fetish Films as many are shot in my stunning studio. I have an extensive array of antique industrial, glamour and bondage furniture which is brought out on a session by session basis so any idea or setting can be created. Large mirrors and spotlights compliment group sessions and provide an interactive space. Leather benches with tie points and hooks, sit below my custom designed bondage system of racks hanging overhead and an extensive collection of stylish bondage equipment.

Feast your eyes over the many stunning outfits I possess. Latex, Leather, PVC, Lingerie, Corsets, Basques, Dresses, Nylon Seam Stockings, Leather Gloves, designer Stiletto Shoes, and my vast collection of exquisite leather stiletto boots. Take a look at the many specialist implements and toys I use.

The fit out for my Dungeon was a huge undertaking to say the least, previously being a machining factory, a dance hall and more recently an Aikido dojo and then left empty for nearly a decade. There were many skeletons in the closet to be cleared out polished up and made beautiful again. This building was just waiting for me...

Now, it is A most enchanting and atmospheric dungeon... sparse, ambient and energetically calming. Being A long time devotee of martial arts has taught me the true power of empty space and the ability to move.

With its own shower and toilet facilities you are able to relax as you arrive and leave your session. Set in the heart of Auckland City, The Fetish Factory is a maximum 10 minute taxi ride from all major hotels in the area. It provides a Private entrance, free and open timed on-road parking are all available.

Visualise my exquisite curves adorned in my spectuacular outfits, my warm breath stroking your semi exposed masked face. Imagine my heavenly crimson glossy, lips brushing against your skin, and my peaches and cream skin laced with a most hypnotic fragrance! A stunning and highly erotic visual... this will indeed create a breath-taking scene, while fulfilling your most debauched and wicked desires.

Fetish Outfits, Latex Corsets, Tight Lacing Fetish Outfits, Latex Corsets, Tight Lacing


I have a fantastic range of toys and equipment to suit your individual desires and fantasies! The list below is by no means exhaustive, as I am ALWAYS adding to my superb collection of impressive equipment! I am constantly adding, toys, furniture and clothing to my Collection...read below for a small description.

Full Collection of Leather Whips! - Bull Whip, Dressage Whips, Equestrian Lunge Whip, Several Cat 'O' Nine Tails, Floggers and Single Whip. All designed to leave a heady sting!

Paddles, Crops & Canes of many sizes and shapes! - Heavy duty rubber and leather Paddles, Crops and Canes of many sizes... perfect!

Luxurious Stiletto Shoes & Boots! - Perfect trampling and torment devices... my shoe and boot collection will leave you oh so weak.

Cock & Ball Torment! - Leather, Rubber and Metal Rings keep you nice and dedicated to me... their safety requires it!

Nipple Clamps of various styles! - I have A fantastic variety of Nipple Clamps in various devilish styles from beginner to outright sadism.

An Array of Pin Wheels! - I slowly glide the pin wheel over your cock and balls, skin tinging with intensity and sensitivity!

Hundreds of Dildos, Vibrators & Strap-ons! - Indeed I have the most incredible range of toys to enable my full ownership of your most tender places.

Cling Film & Bondage Tape & PVC Tape! - Great for mummification, predicament bondage and super tight encasement.

The Queen's Hands! - For light to extreme spanking, slapping, strangulation , tickling or asphyxiation.

The Queen's Body! - Oh my goodness, be warned... this body is the most dangerous weapon of all.

Huge Collection of Leather Thigh Stiletto Boots! - I have the most superb collection of Exquisite Leather stiletto heels for worshipping them with your tongue! A gorgeous collection stored beautifully and ready to be enjoyed.

Silicone, PVC, Leather and Latex Gloves! - For the ultimate in fetishistic sensations... for glove lovers!


Multiple Custom Made Leather Benches Varying Heights

Pulley System For Advanced Rope Bondage

Huge Cross Dress Dressing Collection

Huge PVC, Leather And Fetish Wear Collection

Fantasy Outfits Collection

Huge Custom Made And Italian Made Foot Fetish Heels And Boots Collection

Canes, Whips, Crop Collection

Huge Lingerie Collection

Tie Points Secured All Over The Studio Floor To Ceiling

Two Huge Custom Made Racks With Tie Points System

Huge Custom Made Crucifix With Staging

Interchangeable Space With Huge Tracked Curtain Walls

Medical Chair


Learn More About My Love Of Unique Glamour and Feast Your Eyes Over The Many Stunning Outfits I Possess

Latex, Leather, Pvc, Lingerie, Corsets, Nylon Seam Stockings, Leather Gloves, Designer Stiletto Shoes, And My Vast Collection Of Exquisite Leather Stiletto Boots. Or Take a look at My breath-taking galleries Here and Read all about My style below and indulge to your heart's content!

High Heels and Boots

If you love 6 inch stilettos then no doubt you will love the crisp sound echoing along my wooden floors! If you hear my signature footsteps, you will instinctively fall to your knees and worship them as you have dreamed your entire life! I simply love wearing killer heels! Do you go weak at the very thought of being under my stilettos adoring them as they deserve? My High heels and Boots are usually Custom made for me by a world class Italian Shoemaker and Fetishist. This has been one of my most rewarding excursions into Fetish Relationships and I am extremely titillated to add to my huge collection over time. Alternatively, my heels may be of a designer nature depending on what is in fashion. I may get the odd designer high heel if I feel the quality and look is good enough. My minimum heel height is 130mm without platform and I am an expert heel wearer with legs built for sustaining extreme high heel walking. Sometimes I may even explore into super high heels of 8 inches and higher, just for a thrill! I have well structured and highly arched feet... I change polish often and also wear my nails natural.

Vintage Fur

My vintage collection is large enough to fill and entire room... I love everything about my collection and wear them regularly with glee. If you are a serious lover of vintage fur then you will enjoy My gorgeous array of outfits, as seen in so many of my gallery images Here ...I know so many of you just love looking through them!

Vintage Fetish Gloves

I have an incredible Collection of Gloves. Every type of material, both Vintage and Traditional right throught to super sexy tight leather and latex...There is something incredibly erotic about wearing my gloves and showing off my gorgeous hands and nails that so many of you have become entranced by. All tools in my arsenal. Used to tempt and to destroy you...

Gorgeous Fingernails

I Am Sent Hundreds Of Emails A Month Regarding My Fingernails. Literally hundreds! I find it quite funny that people have no idea how observant submissives really are and how they fixate on a certain detail to the point of obsession. Imagine if you were tied up and forced to feel my claws down your back? That would tip you right over the edge and I know it.

Luscious Make Up

I Am Sent Hundreds Of Emails A Month Regarding My Makeup... yes you read correctly... so many messages about my fingernails and makeup! It really is quite amusing. Apparently A LOT of people spend A LOT of time looking at my face all painted up perfectly. It is incredible how many men, while outwardly they will say that they like the “natural” look, will go utterly crazy over my big blue doe eyes, lined heavily and my long lashes coated with black mascara. They might like to say that big plump and juicy red lips do nothing for them, or it's “too much”... I know it's all a lie... you spend SO much time fixated on my lips it's incredible.

Perfumes and Smell

I do not smoke, but I enjoy playing with smoking fetishists. I am a scent fetishist and I love my collection of expensive perfumes. I do not share the details of my perfumes as they are private and Do not buy me a perfume of your choice... it will most likely go to waste. I shudder at some of the perfumes I have been given in the past, be sure to ask first or have me present with you when buying perfume.

Exquisite Lingerie

My vintage collection is huge! ...I love everything about my collection and wear them regularly with glee. I have rare matching sets, all sorts of styles and a multitude of colours. If you are a serious lover of lingerie then you will enjoy My gorgeous array of outfits, as often seen on my gorgeous submissive girls Here!

Vintage Glamour Clothing.

These Are Something I Wear Most Days In My Downtime. A chic and glamourous way to relax and read a book without looking slovenly. I love them so much that I Now Have Decided To Offer Some Of My Own Rare Collection For Sale. HERE

Military Style

I have an incredible set of Military and Airforce outfits, Vintage and Traditional right through to super sexy tight and latex... it has taken me years to find the Vintage ones as true collectors will know how hard the ladies ones are to find! There is something incredibly erotic about wearing my military uniforms while doing perhaps an interrogation scene with you. Oh can you imagine the feeling at being interrogated by a strict and well-dressed interrogator!

Couture Corsetry

My Corsets are all custom made. It was a stroke of sheer luck finding my corset soul mate and she has been my dressmaker for close to 6 years now. We like to work with Exotic Leather's, Silks and Steel Boning to create the corsetry and garments that I am obsessed with. I am a huge fan of looking to the past for inspiration with my corsetry and often find the most beautiful ornate brocade fabrics to wear.

Latex And Rubber

A newly discovered fetish of mine, I am currently consumed with high fashion Designer Latex and am looking forward to doing some gorgeous photo shoots in my latest pieces... Top Secret sorry, you will have to wait to see my collection when I am ready to show it off. Do you love Latex? How would you love to see me adorned in a latex dress or catsuit!? My stunning designer garments will undoubtedly fulfil your passion and desires for a memorable few hours underneath my hourglass curves.

Stockings And Pantyhose

My top choices are seamed vintage fully fashioned Nylons of the rare 1950s era and Modern Designer Pantyhose from Wolford, Dior, Bally and various others. If you have a passion for gorgeous stiletto heels and fully fashioned nylon seam stockings? ...Imagine yourself totally immersed amongst my stunning array of stockings and heels!

Latex And Rubber

A newly discovered fetish of mine, I am currently consumed with high fashion Designer Latex and am looking forward to doing some gorgeous photo shoots in my latest pieces...Top Secret sorry, you will have to wait to see my collection when I am ready to show it off. Do you love Latex? How would you love to see me adorned in a latex dress or catsuit!? My stunning designer garments will undoubtedly fulfil your passion and desires for a memorable few hours underneath my hourglass curves.

Leathers, Furs & Exotic Skins

In leather I am The ultimate Goddess, with an extensive wardrobe of different colours, styles and lengths. I have an incredible set of leather outfits, Vintage and Traditional right through to super sexy and tight... There is something incredibly erotic about wearing my leather items or full costumes while dominating you with my extreme looks. I adore leather. It's a real passion of mine, hence why I have such a wonderful collection of stunning leather garments! I will keep always be adding to my leather wardrobe! Combine my leather outfits with my huge collection of killer stiletto shoes and you have the perfect mix for the leather lovers hidden amongst us all!

Bizarre Style

I have an incredible set of Bizarre outfits, Vintage and Traditional right through to super sexy tight and latex. My costumes are mainly catsuits with various incredible details including blow up breasts and crotch holes for when I want to be pleasured by my slaves. In fact, I will be photographing these very soon to show them off in my galleries even more! It is a new look for me so I suggest you watch out... it will be addictive... There is just something incredibly erotic about wearing my costumes while dominating you with my extreme looks.

Fetish Boots, Brown Fur Coat


Excerpt from Idealog business and innovation magazine

"The entrance to Sophia’s boudoir is a literal hole in the wall. A single door from the outside leads down a long corridor, then through another two sets of locked doors. At the very back of the building, Sophia’s “office” looks more like a dance studio than a sex dungeon.”

"Full-length mirrors cover one wall, while the other three are adorned with black drapes. Metallic frames and hooks hang from the ceiling. It’s sparsely populated, minimalist even, with a heavy table sitting at the back behind opened partitions, covered with various instruments."