Auckland Dominatrix Mistress Sophia

The Fantasy...

You arrive filled with anticipation. Knowing an incredible night awaits.
Led down a long private corridor to an absolute vision, 3 incredible women with a glint in their eyes immediately shifts the nerves into erotic excitement. Slowly dressed up just as Mistress and her girlfriends desire, you are made into the outrageous sexy diva they have always wanted to play with an absolute slut. All to be Publicly shown off as our property and used for our visual, tactile and sexual needs. An evening of absolute debauchery is in store! You are our toy, to be dressed, stretched, pleasured and used for our insatiable orgasms. Dominated by our beauty and golden nectar whenever we see fit. We need our orgasms as well as every part of your body. We want oral, vaginal and anal orgasms! Especially for my girlfriend, she is not happy at all unless you fuck her ass! Hard! Your excitement grows as Mistress tells you how your ass will be her property for full use after you enjoy her girlfriends. She wants to stretch you and make you her excited fuck toy in every hole. Mistresses girlfriend is very enthusiastic about this idea after you giving her such an incredible anal orgasm! She wants to repay the favor and help stretch you too.
With all of this going on. My other girlfriend decides that she wants to get in the middle, she wants to ride you vigorously until she orgasms into a shuddering mess, then beckons the other to jump on taking turns over and over. Each is enjoying the view of the other's pussy using your cock as her personal dildo sex toy. We know you want your orgasmic reward, but you will have to work hard for it! All 3 of us instruct you to make us cum as we choose, until we have absolutely filled our desires. Only then, will you have your explosive reward! WOW it was worth all of the hard work! What a view! What an incredible orgasm! The world stops as we all lay in a crumbled heap of bliss.

This Fantasy Includes The Following Elements: #group #crossdress #slut #used #transformation #fucktoy #tripledomme #girlgang #submissivemale #dominantfemale #anal #bondage

Fully Private Custom Built Safe Playspace with Unmarked Private Doorway. On road Parking available at various local locations. You will never run into another client at my premesis, I am Independent and my Dungeon premesis is mine alone.
My Designer Fetish Wardrobe, Toys, Leather Gear, Bondage Gear are all inclusive and available during your session. Full shower and Bathroom Facilities with Unlimited Fluffy Towels. Time to shower and relax before and after your session.
Complimentary Aftercare with Mistress upon the completion of the session. Relaxed time together to debrief in comfortable surroundings and recap our adventures.
Complimentary taxi call service if required.
This fantasy roleplay includes sophia and two of her girlfriends clothed in incredible fetishwear and ready to transform you into their personal fucktoy to use your body and your services for their pleasures.
6 HR SESSION $11,100 NZD
8 HR SESSION $14,800 NZD
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