My name is Sophia and I am The Queen of Fetish and Fantasy. The world class Dominatrix & Mistress you have been looking for. The search is over. You have found the rare combination of Beauty, Intelligence, Passion and a seductively wicked mind. I am recognised as a “must see” Dominatrix in my home of Auckland, New Zealand(NZ) and Internationally. I am an award nominated Fetish Film Star, Producer, Dominatrix, Fetishist and all around Deviant who has created my artistic life from all of the things I love and live every day. I truly am exactly where I should be, I was born a Dominatrix and recognised my “calling” at a very, very young age. I bring my full and true self to my sessions. You will meet an authentic, accomplished woman who makes no apologies or excuses for who she is. Who also happens to be highly skilled in the art of psychological development and control. I will deconstruct and reconstruct you into a better version of yourself. With a lot of fun and friendship along the way. I could be a tyrant, a saviour, a siren, a fiend & confidant. I will become all things and all characters in order to achieve the intensity in life that I desire. I want nothing less than to change your life. Consistently setting myself apart from the rest, I choose to be an original and let my body of work speak for itself. I can truly guarantee that there is no one like me. The difference is clear. Come and join in my devious life.


This service is unique because I am unique. In a world of conformists, I am not trying to be anyone, but myself. My business is a reflection of me and the unique perspectives that I can offer to the world. I am ever growing and evolving as a person, so too is my business. I seek to build in a direction that nobody will see coming. I move quickly, innovate and then move again. The ultimate act of rebellion is to live at your full potential and offer no apologies for who you choose to be. I don't ask for permission. And I won't bow to mediocrity.


I am your new obsession. It taken you a long while to get here, but you have finally arrived. Get to know me more intimately, learn about my history and motivations

The pressures on a dominatrix to be glamorous, sexy, torturous, tempting, taunting and beguiling are a full-time profession in and of themselves. The dominatrix does all the work. She is the centre of her submissives universe, each being so different, yet demanding the absolute best from her in her most pure form. There is relentless psychological pressure. This cannot be faked, the real Glamazons stand out amongst the rest with a certain quality that cannot be defined, and one that is utterly rare and individual. So many looking in from the outside like the idea of this, as we make it look so effortless. As always in turn, so many come to realize what it takes to be truly dedicated to glamour. All too often they bow out to offer a sub standard copycat service, after failing miserably, often ending up like a vile caricature of what they think a “dominatrix” should be. Throwing on a pair of boots and wielding a whip doesn't cut it. That's not glamour, the cracks will show through to anyone with an experienced eye. It is an art form. It is commitment and it requires a chiseled iron-will that takes years to master.

I have always been a lone wolf, preferring my own company, the company of great artists writers and thinkers or the company of animals, to that of people. I feel that retreating to become an observer of the world not a pawn of the world allows me a fresh perspective, an in turn a fresh interpretation of the world. Romance, in its many forms is my ultimate love, glamour and that something a little extra defines every great person is what I strive to cultivate within myself over time.

As a long time devotee of tantra, spiritual development and martial arts, I strive to break the mould of a traditional approach to bdsm and domination, by adding other elements of the human experience into fantasy play to give more authentic experience than what is on offer currently in the world of professional bdsm play and I believe this originality and innovation comes through in my body of work. I hold myself to sometimes unachievable levels of expectation and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am fiercely private in an increasingly narcissistic and public world, I will never bare my soul or tell my full story and I will not do that with yours either. I relish in my own secrets and those who entrust me with theirs.
It is not my style to judge your personal desires and choices, but what I would like is the opportunity to understand them and to be a part of them.

I am an observer, a watcher and an introvert. A thinker and an analyser. A degree of change creates a butterfly effect worlds apart in a session.I treat each client with the same thought in mind as what is right for one person is completely off target for another.
Therefore your session will be a fundamentally different experience than another’s.

Contrary to tradition, one is not trained into being a mistress or domina, you are born as one.It is who you are, and runs through your veins as blood.You do not need to proclaim it from the rooftops, wear the t shirt or go to the local coffee group.
It is not a choice or a “career” it is your life.And it chooses you. If you leave to pursue other adventures it goes with you as a travelling companion, you may pick it up and put it down but at the end of the day you cannot escape who you are no matter how hard you try.

I have always professionally gone against the grain of what everyone else was doing and ignored all opinions and ill-informed advice.
Deciding to steer clear of aligning myself with any professional dungeons or other mistresses was the best decision I feel I have ever made professionally as it has taught me to be a self-propelling wheel with my own ideas and practices, not some rehashed version of another mistresses way.

Instead of following the endless crowd of self-appointed pro dommes. I would rather include details about who I am as a person and what makes me tick sexually, I feel this would be a much better way to get to know me than a list of qualifications, pronouncements and projections which at the end of the day are nothing but words without substance until we are together in the moment of play.


The blood running through my veins is Romani gypsy. Specifically the 'kale” a nomadic fiery race made up of many European bloodlines.

Misunderstood, misrepresented and outright oppressed is the plight of the gypsy traveller throughout history. Shrouded in stereotypes and bogged down by expectations of society's projected status quo.
I am a minority as many of you reading this will be, we all struggle to be who we are versus what is paved out for us by other people.

My heritage comes from one of the first gypsy families to settle in Nelson New Zealand.
Hoping for a better life away from the torment of the past.

Born in a small country town and raised into a closed religious community I was given a crash course in the study of people like no other.
Mediocre fearful men with repressed sexual deviancy in positions of power at the head of their families and religion, keeping their wives covered up and under control.

The “vessels of god” were resolved to wearing skirts below the knee and blouses buttoned up tightly with subtle makeup and softly spoken voices living the dream of the white, straight world of faithful sheep that god wanted for humanity. A don’t ask don’t tell policy goes unspoken and never challenged, where you speak in a hushed voice, keeping your eyes wide and mouth shut.

Raised to follow suit and be a subservient housewife to some middle-class Joe, I wanted more for myself, there had to be a world of glamour and beauty out there, I just had to find it. I escaped into my fantasy world where there was no judgement and all possibility. Smuggling in magazines, music and books I spent years alone in my room this is how I learnt about the world, living a different life in my own mind I learned the true power of imagination and the creative process that follows.

I was never one to dream about my future husband, children or the family home. I knew there had to be women who were sexy and strong, independent and in charge of their own lives and who didn’t wait around for other people's permission to live and create their own world.

I was an observer. A watcher. An outsider. A lone wolf. I didn’t belong anywhere. If that meant that god and I didn’t get along then so be it.

I wanted to connect with people of all walks of life and know what they felt inside, their secrets. And I wanted to know how it felt to be them. And I wanted great stories to tell…

Escaping the cult at 15 the rest of the story is a whirlwind of lives lived, things learned and people known…And somehow amongst it all I am becoming one of those women I dreamed of back in my bedroom as a young girl. With many lovers, many labels and titles, a million heartbreaks and ultimately the pursuit of happiness.

FAQ Area

What were you like as a teenager?

I was selfish and focused on creating the life that I wanted for myself at all costs. I was waiting for no-one and would never allow anyone to talk me out of my dreams. Very similar to who I am now.

I was a nomad from 13 to about 18. I was constantly travelling, every weekend and multiple weekdays were spent surfing all over New Zealand in my van. I was deeply into Art and Music, nothing much has changed.

I spent all of my money on my various hotrod/muscle car projects and gasoline to run them all. I had 9 cars at one time, ranging from 1963 to 1978. Its been an ongoing theme throughout my life, but I have now added classic motorcycles to my collection.

How did you get started as a dominatrix?

I was around 14 or 15. I began my life as a domme in a non professional and non-sexual setting, I had one fulltime 'real life' slave and various online slaves. All of whom were sissies, cross dressers and financial slaves. Obviously, this was kept secret from everyone I knew, to this day nobody knows the level of my fetish endeavours during those teenage years. BDSM, along with various other nefarious income streams afforded me a teenage life of nice cars and anything else I wanted to create for myself. Anything was within my reach. I would go around the local mall and leave notes at the counter with the shop assistants, my slaves would follow a day or so later, going up to that same counter and purchasing the items I had set aside for them to pay for. Nobody ever asked me why it was a different man each time and I certainly wasn't bothered enough to explain it.

What are your interests outside of BDSM?

Nature. History. Code. Martial Arts. Cooking. Various Topics of Study and Research. There are many more interests I don't share publicly as I value my private life. Those who get to know me on a deeper level will learn more as I am happy to share naturally during real conversations.

Do you have any pets?

Yes, I have two Sphynx cats. Elvis and Vincendio. Elvis is a picture perfect bad boy with an attitude and Vincendio will take your arm off with surgical precision anytime you dare hold a piece of chicken in his vicinity.

What is your most memorable session to date?

Damn, that's a hard question. There have been so many memorable sessions.

What music do you like?

50's and 70's. Country. Rock. Rap. Metal. Alternative.

What is the story of your dungeon premesis?

My first CBD Dungeon was an old character shell, one of the many original Auckland City buildings with original red bricks that nobody had lived in for about a decade. It was used as a Ballet and Aikido studio prior to falling into disrepair. It was a huge open auditorium with Kauri Wood floors and floor to ceiling windows offered a basic set of bones to work with. I put extensive work and funds into the renovation and made it wonderfully glamourous and grand.

Why don't you go to BDSM events and munches?

Because I have a life.

Why did you close your social media accounts?

My Social media presence is irrelevant to me unless it is driving traffic to my site. I used it as a strategic tool to introduce my new website in 2014/2015. Now that my site is successful and self-propelling, I no longer need low-quality tools like social media and online banner advertising. Google does the work now.

Who/What inspires you?

I don't find a lot of inspiration in people actually, people are overwhelmingly trite and navel-gazing. Social media has ramped this up to a whole new level. I have always found people very predictable and boring, especially in modern times, although there are a few historical figures I find interesting.
My inspiration is nature, staying away from people and immersing myself in raw, rugged natural landscapes has been something that I have always done. It's an ongoing connection that has been a running theme throughout my life and I find myself growing even closer to nature as I get older.

Who are your favourite Artists? Designers?

Iris Van Herpen. Alexander Mcqueen. Monet. Theodore Gericault.

Who are your favourite writers?

Nietzshe. Sun Tsu. Carlos Castaneda.

Do you have any advice for beginner dominatrices?

I recieve a lot of emails asking this question, they now go straight into my spam/delete box.

It will take years to find your feet as a Pro Domina, it takes a long time because this is a very difficult profession to survive and thrive in. Thousands of ladies enter the industry claiming all sorts of ridiculous qualifications and titles, but nearly just as many leave within 6months as complete failures or split off into easier areas of the sex industry. It's just the nature of the game.

For someone with the right motives, I would suggest that above all else, you should ensure that you are offering a unique and competitive product. If you cannot even think up your own ideas, go and find another career that you are truly passionate about. Look to constantly improve yourself and your skillset. You should be learning, studying and growing every day, that's how you become 'worth' your hourly rate on a longterm basis. If you cannot maintain ongoing, regular clientele then you will need to examine your shortcomings and rectify them.

Keep yourself away from those who are failures, uphold standards, don't try to bring the standards of the craft down to suit your lack of ability. Work on yourself until you improve.

The Domina you were at 20 years old, should not be the same Domina you will be at 30 years old. Every year, you should be seeing yourself evolve for the better.

This isn't a social club and everybody isn't getting a participation trophy.

Your failures are yours and yours alone.

Are there any services you do not enjoy performing?

Yes. However, I am open to changing my mind if the right sub presents themselves. Thats the joy of evolving personally and professionally.

What is the difference between a True Dominant and a Service Top?

Firstly, one is no better than the other, when you understand both of the roles properly, you will find that they both have a place in the wider BDSM scene and they serve different needs. Ignore the posturing and arguments, they are a game of fools with too much time on their hands.

A true dominant will be living the lifestyle and have their life/affairs in order both inside and outside of the dungeon. A true dominant will often have lifestyle slaves as longterm partners. Dominance is not the focus, it's just their natural way of being. Dominants will be financially sucessful, accomplished and intelligent. A true Dominant is never poor or struggling, it is not their way of being.

A service top is booked by the hour to perform a role play service. The power exchange is a role play and you can book specific elements of what you wish to include in that experience. You can be a great service Top and provide a valuable experience for your clients while not choosing to live the lifestyle outside of a professional setting.

The reason why there is so much confusion is because many are labelling themselves incorrectly and confusing clients. Or pehaps they are just confused themselves.

Are you Religious?

Yes, but nothing that the viewers of my website would be familiar with.

Are you a feminist?


What are your favourite foods?

I'm really digging Asian food right now. I have been learning to cook traditional recipies at home and I'm having so much fun. Japanese, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Chinese medicinal soups.

What are your favourite destinations?

The natural landscapes and remote areas of Norway, New Zealand, Austria, Switzerland, Scotland, Chile, Argentina.

Any advice to clients?

Stop trying to be someone you are not. I don't care if you're socially acceptable, I care about getting to know you in your truest form. I care that you are genuine and your intentions are pure. I would rather speak to the real you than some idiotic fabrication of who you think society wants you to be. Don't waste your life away being a pretender.

Do you see more clients online or in real-time sessions?

It's roughly equal, I have many regular ongoing clients from the last 10 years as a real-time Domina. I ventured into online fetish porn and began offering online services around 2015. This arm of the business has grown quickly and is now a huge part of my work with hundreds of online slaves from all around the world. I enjoy both equally but it has been really nice to connect with people from all over the world. Especially now that so many new internet users are emerging from places like India. It's a whole new game as we move into the future.