This service is unique because I am unique. In a world of conformists, I am not trying to be anyone, but myself.
My business is a reflection of me and the unique perspectives that I can offer to the world.

I am ever growing and evolving as a person, so too is my business.

I seek to build in a direction that nobody will see coming. I move quickly, innovate and then move again.
The ultimate act of rebellion is to live at your full potential and offer no apologies for who you choose to be.
I don't ask for permission. And I won't bow to mediocrity.


My name is Sophia and I am The Queen of Fetish and Fantasy...The world class mistress you have been looking for. The search is over.
You have found the rare combination of Beauty, Intelligence, Passion and a seductively wicked mind.

I am recognised as a “must see” Dominatrix in my home country of New Zealand and Internationally.
I am an award nominated Fetish Film Star, Producer, Dominatrix, Fetishist and all around Deviant who has created my artistic life from all of the things I love...and live every day.

I truly am exactly where I should be, I was born a Dominatrix and recognised my “calling” at a very, very young age.

Of course, raw natural talent and intelligence is only half the story...You must back it up with solid work ethic and a desire to be the best. I make my own rules and ruthlessly test them to be proven perfection.

Self taught and self made. I have spent my career alone, in my private studio honing my craft with my thousands of brilliant clients.
I truly could not do it without them, so many of you have trusted me with an incredible amount of yourselves both emotionally and physically, watching me grow up and expand into offering sessions available nowhere else in the world. I truly value all of you.

My devotion to high quality experiences shows in my body of work and incredible range of sessions on offer.
I have dedicated myself to my profession, becoming an expert in my chosen path and I continue to push my boundaries and develop further every year.

I bring my full and true self to my sessions. You will meet an authentic, accomplished woman who makes no apologies or excuses for who she is... who also happens to be highly skilled in the art of psychological development and control.

I will deconstruct and reconstruct you into a better version of yourself. With a lot of fun and friendship along the way.

I could be a tyrant, a savior, a siren, a fiend & confidant... I will become all things and all characters in order to achieve the intensity in life that I desire... I want nothing less than to change your life.

Consistently setting myself apart from the rest, I choose to be an original and let my body of work speak for itself.

I can truly guarantee that there is no one like me. The difference is clear. Come and join in my devious life.

My Biography

The blood running through my veins is Romani gypsy. Specifically the 'kale” a nomadic fiery race made up of many European bloodlines.

Misunderstood, misrepresented and outright oppressed is the plight of the gypsy traveller throughout history. Shrouded in stereotypes and bogged down by expectations of society's projected status quo.
I am a minority as many of you reading this will be, we all struggle to be who we are versus what is paved out for us by other people.

My heritage comes from one of the first gypsy families to settle in Nelson New Zealand.
Hoping for a better life away from the torment of the past.

Born in a small country town and raised into a closed religious community I was given a crash course in the study of people like no other.

Mediocre fearful men with repressed sexual deviancy in positions of power at the head of their families and religion, keeping their wives covered up and under control.

The “vessels of god” were resolved to wearing skirts below the knee and blouses buttoned up tightly with subtle make up and softly spoken voices living the dream of the white, straight world of faithful sheep that god wanted for humanity.
A don’t ask don’t tell policy goes unspoken and never challenged, where you speak in a hushed voice, keeping your eyes wide and mouth shut.

Raised to follow suit and be a subservient housewife to some middle class Joe, I wanted more for myself, there had to be a world of glamour and beauty out there, I just had to find it.
I escaped into my fantasy world where there was no judgement and all possibility.
Smuggling in magazines, music and books I spent years alone in my room this is how I learnt about the world, living a different life in my own mind I learned the true power of imagination and the creative process that follows.

I was never one to dream about my future husband, children or the family home.
I knew there had to be women who were sexy and strong, independent and in charge of their own lives and who didn’t wait around for other people's permission to live and create their own world.

I was an observer. A watcher. An outsider. A lone wolf. I didn’t belong anywhere.
If that meant that god and I didn’t get along then so be it.

I wanted to connect with people of all walks of life and know what they felt inside, their secrets. And I wanted to know how it felt to be them. And I wanted great stories to tell…

Escaping the cult at 15 the rest of the story is a whirlwind of lives lived, things learned and people known…And somehow amongst it all I am becoming one of those women I dreamed of back in my bedroom as a young girl. With many lovers, many labels and titles, a million heartbreaks and ultimately the pursuit of happiness.

Further Ramblings

I have put together this long-winded resource for those who may choose to read further or have other questions or simply would like to get to know me a little more.
I recommend you go through the more fun aspects of my website first and get to this boring page if you still hunger for more info. This page deals specifically with explaining a few of my motivations, personal ethics and beliefs.

I have always been a lone wolf, preferring my own company, the company of great artists writers and thinkers or the company of animals, to that of people.

I feel that retreating to become an observer of the world not a pawn of the world allows me a fresh perspective, an in turn a fresh interpretation of the world.
Romance, in its many forms is my ultimate love, glamour and that something a little extra defines every great person is what I strive to cultivate within myself over time.

As a long time devotee of tantra, spiritual development and martial arts, I strive to break the mould of a traditional approach to bdsm and domination, by adding other elements of the human experience into fantasy play to give more authentic experience than what is on offer currently in the world of professional bdsm play and I believe this originality and innovation comes through in my body of work.
I hold myself to sometimes unachievable levels of expectation and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am fiercely private in an increasingly narcissistic and public world, I will never bare my soul or tell my full story and I will not do that with yours either.
I relish in my own secrets and those who entrust me with theirs.
It is not my style to judge your personal desires and choices, but what I would like is the opportunity to understand them and to be a part of them.

With regards to my personal sexuality, its completely indefinable but possibly describable.
One must understand the path of both sides of play to become complete.
To truly be a great top, one must first understand what it is like to be dominated.
In order to be able to create an excellent submissive experience once must understand what it means to carry out instructions to satisfaction.
It must matter if you are pleasing and if you are being pleased.

I am an observer, a watcher and an introvert. A thinker and an analyser. A degree of change creates a butterfly effect worlds apart in a session.
I treat each client with the same thought in mind as what is right for one person is completely off target for another.
Therefore your session will be a fundamentally different experience than another’s.


You are an individual and you are the sum of all your parts. At this point and time you are carrying along with you the accumulation of experiences that makes you who you are. That will never be the same between two people. So therefore no two sessions will be the same.
I am a believer in the journey that is the experience of being human, not only being alive but living it to the fullest extent. This goes for myself during a session with you as well, I am in the present moment and experiencing the session with you, some of my most cherished memories have been facilitating someone else’s fantasy. So what this means is, you will not see me with a mechanical vacant stare wishing I was doing something else, you will see a glint in my eye and a smirk.

Its my purpose to figure you out, what makes you tick and what gets you off. Even if you don’t know it yet yourself. An open mind and an articulate tongue is what you, as the client need to bring to the table. Those who experience the best sessions are those who can lose themselves in the moment, give themselves up and be along for the ride.
A fundamental element of letting go, is the Non ego zone that I employ on both sides of play. I am committed to giving you the best of myself, but when you offer the same in return we can create something really excellent.
I am not for everybody and nor would I want to be.
I do not aim to please. I aim to inspire, teach, challenge and blow the head off what you thought was possible with your own body and mind.

Contrary to tradition, one is not trained into being a mistress or domina, you are born as one.
It is who you are, and runs through your veins as blood.
You do not need to proclaim it from the rooftops, wear the t shirt or go to the local coffee group.
It is not a choice or a “career” it is your life.
And it chooses you.
If you leave to pursue other adventures it goes with you as a travelling companion, you may pick it up and put it down but at the end of the day you cannot escape who you are no matter how hard you try.

I have always professionally gone against the grain of what everyone else was doing and ignored all opinions and ill informed advice.
Deciding to steer clear of aligning myself with any professional dungeons or other mistresses was the best decision I feel I have ever made professionally as it has taught me to be a self propelling wheel with my own ideas and practices, not some rehashed version of another mistresses way.

Instead of following the endless crowd of self appointed pro dommes.
I would rather include details about who I am as a person and what makes me tick sexually, I feel this would be a much better way to get to know me than a list of qualifications, pronouncements and projections which at the end of the day are nothing but words without substance until we are together in the moment of play.

Challenging Oneself...

In this modern world of ours, so full of everything and anything delivered to our fingertips, we are used to grabbing what we want out of life. That is, in every other avenue but sex.
We are conditioned from a young age to relate sex and nudity to all sorts of emotions and labels that are not necessarily correct, these will, of course differ according to our upbringing.
In general terms there is Guilt, shame, fear and anxiety...a lifetime of stale ideals have set us up to “Take what I can get” “Not come across as a freak” or “Not look like a slut.”
We are trained to accept sex however it comes and are conditioned to grab it whenever its available.
All of this leading to a major disconnect between both each other and ourselves. Gay, straight, married or otherwise.
So many of us are out of touch with our amazing and unique bodies during sex, treating such a valuable source of pleasure as if its a vehicle of validation, as though we are doing it for so many other reasons than just the experience of passion itself.

We are conditioned to critique ourselves during and afterwards too, as though there is somehow a standard of what constitutes us being categorized as a “good” or “bad” lover.

Real Sex is so easily forgotten about in favour of performance sex, the type of sex we would be “proud” for others to know we engage in.

A world where our bodies, our movements and our “passion” is pre edited to perfection, projecting the idea that we've “got it all together” in our lives and now somehow in the bedroom too.

The thought arises, what is it going to take for us to reach out and grab what we want with the abandon that real sex is supposed to have, free of politics and pressures.

When are we going to claim our sex as our own?

The act of sex itself is sacred, treating it that way will give you so much more personal power that you have ever imagined, more than any external source could offer.

Such a fundamental right to life, sex something we do naturally. Do we really need to be sold an ideal based on greed and marketing?

Don’t let the advertising machine make you think you need to look like a perfect version of yourself to participate in something that you already own and have the right to posses with confidence. There is a place for you in the world of great sex.

All that we need is the drive, the courage and the ability to look within and ask the right questions.

Your sex is your sex...and your the best at it.

In many ways I often feel like I border on a guide, a teacher and a friend, more than a Pro Domme.
I often feel like my involvement has more to do with bringing out the best in the individuals I play with, identifying and coaxing out the little intricacies they themselves didn’t know they had, then turning that into reality.

My clients come to me for different reasons but they all end on the same path...the path to better sex both in and out of my dungeon. I would like to think I help them be more confident sexually in their personal lives, especially after watching their skill set grow sexually through multiple sessions. But they always begin just as all of us have, a nervous vanilla explorer full of many questions and not enough answers.

To refuse to accept just good sex at face value, to create real intricate challenging sex...great that takes courage.
However, the rewards are plenty.

To know that you can have the crazy sex life you have always wanted and be a driving force in your own sexual experience is such an empowering place to be, those who realize a need, and seek out a better quality of experience are doing themselves a great service.

Friedrich Nietzsche famously said “I am a forest, and a night of dark trees: but he who is not afraid of my darkness, will find banks full of roses under my cypresses.”

Apply this thought to sex. It may be a dark, unknown and challenging road.

But totally worth it.

Keeping Things Exciting Dominatrix Style...

As many of you will already know, my schedule is tightly booked most days and often more like months in advance.
This is obviously greatly appreciated and I wouldn't have it any other way, however because of this I must run a VERY tight ship when it comes to developing my goals and dreams.
As well as running my real life sessions with my slaves and playmates, I produce all of my own written content along with my films and photo shoots. Not to mention, I have built the website you are on right now.
It is an amazing feeling to know that I can connect with my slaves through clips and images wherever they are in the world at any time, the ability to give you a glimpse into my world before you set foot into Auckland is a great feeling and I know by the amazing feedback since the release of my content you guys are really enjoying it too.
My website, films and photos are meant to be a record, authentic to who I am as a mistress and as a person, they are a way for me to express my vision to you and a way for you to get to know me better.
As you can imagine, this is where all of my most devious fantasies come out to play unbridled by 'reality.'

General Day To Day Schedule

Every morning, I come to the dungeon and focus on my creative side first and foremost.
This is my special time where the phone is completely off for an extended period of time, to focus my energies into creating beautiful photos, films, articles and writing new and exciting sessions for my clients to discover and experience.
Connecting with my pool of creative energy enables me to keep inspired and constantly turning my elaborate scenes, skills and fantasies into a package that my clients can enjoy.

In my opinion, a huge part of being a Pro-Domme is learning, so I make time to learn every single day for the sake of work and pleasure.
Evolving and transforming yourself as you create experiences for others is seriously addictive and inspiration is everywhere, sometimes one photo can give me an entire session idea which turns into an insane fantasy scene.
I am absolutely in love with the life I have chosen and it has become an addiction to keep pushing my personal skill set both physically and mentally, the worst enemy to creativity is stagnation.

Once I have conjured my best ideas, I go into my sessions for the day.
My sessions are my "show time" where I turn on the lights and glamour.
Figuring out someones hidden, secret, inner sexuality and then transforming that into a real life scene that they can then 'live' for the session period is just spectacular on all levels.
I never like to repeat the same session twice, always mixing it up keeps me challenged which is why I love my "job" so much.
I learn along with the submissive every single time, it never ceases to amaze me how I may do something as simple as a Beginners Erotic Bondage and I will come away having figured something out or a new angle I can add into the session, it will seem as though I am re-experiencing it again.Over time, my oldest sessions are actually very different that originally what they were, they evolve, my client evolves and I also evolve, which is a great feeling.
The freakier and more in-depth the better, as far as I'm am concerned, I always love the feeling after a session when I know that moment was pure intoxicating passion without inhibitions...the outside world didn't exist for myself or my submissive for that moment, all that matters in a session is the here and now.
Powerful stuff.

FAQ Area

Q: Do you talk to the media?

A: Yes, I am approached all the time by media wanting to discuss personal matters or for quotes about the wider “Sex Industry. I only speak to pre approved media as I have been misquoted before. I will ONLY speak about certain things I am passionate about such as the legal sex industry business perspective Or certain silent discriminations sex workers suffer through. I tend to prefer to speak as a voice for others than necessarily myself. The public perception of providers and clients definitely needs to hear more positive stories.
Media however always tries to trip you up and push you into “revealing” certain things about certain people... The sooner we get away from salacious click bait articles the better.

Q: Can you tell the readers a little behind the scenes info about the social bdsm scene?

A: Any reviews, opinions or recommendations by other professionals in the industry will not be of value or accurate as I do not socialise with anyone professionally or personally at any time.
Those who may claim to have an insider perspective on my services do not, and those who really know what I am like will not be discussing it on any public forums.
What I do offer is a personal testimonial service from a few of my longest and most appreciated clients. These references have played with me upwards of 50 times each and I feel can accurately impart a general sense of my business practice, integrity and conduct.
If you have seen other dominas mistresses or professional dommes before please do not expect me to behave the same as other professionals you may have encountered as my goals are not centred on other people or industry expectations.
I offer an experience that many mistresses cannot even understand, let alone deliver, and for that reason, I have set myself apart since day one as I believe my service is not definable by the term “domina” or “pro dome.”
Just as I treat you as an individual please heed the advice to do the same with myself as your mistress. Whether that be positive or negative past experiences with mistresses, bear in mind that I view myself as not part of the pro dominatrix category and I strive to be different, so to put the in a category as another mistress is obviously not accurate.
I prefer other descriptions such as friend, lover, teacher and muse, but those kinds of terms come over time naturally and can only be given by you as the client.

Q: Can you tell the readers a little more about your … Conduct?

A: I live my own life with integrity and conduct business this way also.
I will tell you the truth about what is realistic and achievable and what isn’t. The recurrent theme I hear in feedback from many new clients is they have gone to a mistress and the experience wasn’t up to their expectations.
Obviously there are various factors as to why this is the case, in my opinion there is always an element of risk where something you thought you liked watching in a porn film actually wasn’t that great in reality.
When constructing a fantasy scenario I aim to get it right the first time, so if there is something that I know is just not going to work in reality I will offer my suggestions on that with innovative alternate options to achieve a better result for you.
Although professional, my tongue is sharp when it needs to be and I am not concerned with political correctness, not because I am uneducated, but simply because I just don’t believe in it. I communicate in a direct and articulate manner tailored to the situation and who the audience is. some people find this very refreshing and down to earth. Some don’t and that’s okay.
The most satisfying experience is when you over extend yourself into areas of the unknown and realising that not only can you handle things you thought you couldn’t, but you come out of the other side knowing a facet of yourself you never knew existed.
To be able to facilitate that is one of the most rewarding parts of my profession.

Q: Reviews?

A: My profession is shared openly and honestly, I am self made and I chose to legitimately live an “open” life from the start. I believe it is important you see my face as not only does it show many things about a person but I also want you as the client to understand that I have nothing to hide and neither do you when dealing with me.
Yes I am young, and no doubt advertising my genuine age has held back more experienced or older interested parties, but I make no apologies my age is my age and this does not reflect my level of personal development, experience and capabilities.
I have always believed in the achievements of a person being much more of an accurate testimonial than words.
If you see reviews or receive recommendations about me please bear in mind that these are un authorised by myself and will usually be false.
Your fantasies will not be the same same as another persons so I will not treat you as such.
To receive a recommendation from another person can be counterproductive to your experience as what fits one person will need to be tweaked slightly for another.
I treat all sessions and playmates as individuals.

Q: How long did it take you to decide that being a dominatrix was the career for you?

A: The very first moment I started down this crazy little road had me instantly hooked. I was VERY young and it involved a mixture of financial domination and sissy slut training. This was not a professional situation in the traditional way, it was more of an arrangement where my slave would tribute his weekly paycheck along with purchasing me various luxuries such as expensive shoes, dinners and travel.
I thoroughly enjoyed the thrill of the exchange that we had and of course his reaction to me was intoxicating.
So I would answer this question as I knew this was my life path immediately and have never looked back.

Q: Do you get much judgement from society?

A: Yes and No. I am totally open and honest with everyone in my life and the public. When you are so upfront about who you are I think people tend to be much more accepting. If you hide nothing, really what is the point in judging someone anyway?

Q: How do you manage personal relationships along with a career like yours?

A: They have been wonderful. My profession has never been an issue for friendships or romantically. I assume that I tend not to associate with people who it would be a problem anyway so I am saved from a lot of the idiocracy of the "ideal" relationship dream that we all know never works out.

Q: Your website is incredible! You built it yourself correct? How has that been embarking on a project like that?

A: It has been incredibly difficult as I am building a super site more than just a website. Things like VIP memberships and live streaming are a complicated task. But the traffic rewards have been incredible. I have been introduced to clients from all corners of the globe who would normally never even find me.

Q: Do you get sexually aroused during sessions or is it all about business for you?

A: Oh hell fucking yes.

Q: How do you find such an amazing set of submissive ladies? I don't know which one to pick!

A: They tend to find me actually. I do not encourage anyone to become a submissive for me unless they really want to, once we get started it is a long process of perfecting them over time. I like my girls to be happy, healthy, strong and empowered women who genuinely love to play.
We are a close knit team and I really value them all.

Q: Do you have regular clientèle?

A: Yes. Most of my clients are regulars. I accept limited new clients these days because of this.

Q: Is your premises private?

A: Yes. Completely private an unmarked. You are only given the address upon booking your session. It is my own place with no other professionals operating from it.

Q: Will I ever run into another client?

A: Not unless they're here to play with us! But in all seriousness, no you will not run into another client. I do not book sessions back to back so there is always a nice private way in and out.

Q: Are my details safe and private?

A: Yes. Always.

Q: Do your submissive partners practice safe sex?

A: Yes. Always. No exceptions. But I will allow cum shots on the body, breasts and in special cases the face if it fits the fantasy.

Q: Where do you get all of your crazy session ideas from?

A: My own devilish mind! All sessions are completely original and not taken from any where else. I pride myself in offering some of the most intense fantasy scenarios available.

Q: Am I safe?

A: Yes. I am very particular and this shows through in the cleanliness of my premises and the degree of building work that has been completed, all to the very highest standards. All equipment is in excellent order.

Q: What kind of equipment do you have?

A: I have a huge range of equipment to rival any dungeon in the world. Chances are if you want it I will have it. If in doubt please feel free to ask directly about the particular item you would like when making your booking.

Q: What are your favourite fantasies?

A: Erotic bondage, strap on, mistress and submissive, slut training, sissy, the list goes on and on.

Q: What are your least favourite fantasies?

A: I don’t offer any sessions I do not enjoy, so if I have not listed it my services you can be assured it’s not my thing.

Q: What type of play partners do you enjoy the most?

A: I love it when someone comes to me with an idea in mind and can communicate it clearly, whatever that may be.
Someone who challenges me with a great role play or asks me to do something I may not have tried before.
I like play partners who are willing to try things that I suggest and who are flexible to allow me to be creative with their fantasies.

Q: What type of play partners do you enjoy the least?

A: Bad communicators, people who leave out information, bland personalities, no feedback during a session. No originality, or boring requests which are done to death.
Things like schoolgirl fantasies are just so overrated its cringe worthy when clients request them and that is why I have not offered them in my session menu.

Q: What type of body worship do you enjoy the most?

A: Ass, breast, leg, foot, pussy.

Q: What type of sessions do you find the most challenging and why?

A: I get the same pre session nerves with a beginner’s session as I do with an extreme session; it comes down to keeping inspired and being challenged by every session no matter how simple. I treat all sessions as a challenge to be better.

Q: What are your favourite outfit and costumes?

A: Secretary, gowns, glamour, full pin up lingerie, latex, leather, corsets, any very high heels.

Q: Why do you offer nudity in your sessions?

A: I really enjoy it, I do what I like.

Q: You seem to go against the grain of nearly every industry “rule” why is that?

A: I think it was because I was a solo domme from day one. Everything that I have become was from my own heart versus a Dominatrix that is formally trained under another mistress.
I think that when you rely on training to teach you how to be a dominant you miss the all important innovation factor.
Its nice and easy to be under someone’s wing, but when out on your own you either sink or swim.

Q: Do you play in the D/S scene?

A: No I do not technically, certainly not publicly, but I have many play partners that keep me happy.

Q: Do you attend munches and bdsm community events?

A: No.