this session is a 1 on 1 with Sophia
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I offer an extensive range of fetishes, your imagination is truly allowed to run wild with your secret fetish. We will hit new highs together and explore some unorthodox sexual experiences with each other, focusing on bringing your fetish into the realm of my dungeon.

I am highly experienced in a number of fetishes with an extensive selection of equipment and costumes. My dungeon is fully equipped with toys, bondage gear and some unexpected, unusual implements to add to your fetish experience. I have a fetish wardrobe that will make you swoon. Latex, leather, rubber, fur, costumes of all kinds and more. Fetishes can be combined together, there is an infinite number of ways your experience can play out. You may like to stick to the traditional mistress and her slave type scene or youmay want to build your fetish play into an elaborate fantasticalother world.

Roleplays and fantasies are great for fetish play. With a fantastical session, my twisted mind will conjure your fetish into a new realm. I have a huge number of fantasies and role play we can incorporate your fetishes into, allowing me to turn a fetish session into a true experience for you. Your secret fetishes can be made into an intense real life experience dont keep them secret forever. You can finally experience your fetishes in vivid reality with your dream mistress fully in control.

NZ Dominatrix Mistress Sophia
NZ Dominatrix Mistress Sophia
NZ Dominatrix Mistress Sophia
NZ Dominatrix Mistress Sophia

Foot Fetish

If you aren't a foot slave already, you will be soon. No breasts or round ass today. Truly understand what it feels like to grovel at one's feet. From kissing the soles to sucking every inch of her toes as she smears them around your eagerly awaiting body. You will do absolutely anything for those perfect feet and crave them to be wrapped around your cock. You won't mind being stepped on in the process as it will lead to a completely different but sensational orgasm.

High Heel Fetish

There's just something about high heels that screams sex. Equipped to your Mistress, you immediately feel her authority and power over you. To simply gaze over them gets you off. Hearing their click and clack gets you more aroused as they walk along the floor around you. Just to touch them will put you on the edge. You will beg to swallow those heels from top to bottom. In doing so your balls will suffer with some CBT but will be rewarded with an exploding orgasm. Total domination with those heels is completely worth it.

Boots Fetish

Watch as your Mistress towers over you in black latex, rubber or leather boots. So many options for this particular fetish. Her elongated calves make quite the impression on you, legs going on forever. So powerful and sexy you will learn exactly how to please her and in doing so be rewarded with constant worship of your favourite boots. No need for orgasms today. If you're so inclined, a kick in the right direction and you will be screaming in ecstasy.

Leather Fetish

Leather isn't always about S&M or bondage type play. Just the smell and feel of it simply is enough to arouse you. With your Mistress covered from head to toe. From her bountiful breasts to wrapped around her magnificent ass you will quickly learn to appreciate the properties of leather. With that leather thong hanging above you. Her sweet aroma combined with fresh leather will be enough to draw the cum from your balls.

Fur Fetish

Bring out the animal within. Your love of fur will morph this session into a new world of fantasy. Considered taboo the thought of being wrapped in fur is thrilling. Your Mistress will happily indulge in your fetish. Being draped in the softest, most luxurious furs will strengthen her power over you. You won't be able to resist as she climbs on top of you, brushing along every inch of you with her coat.

Stocking Fetish

The look and feel of woman's stockings excites you. With the choice of nylon or silk, you will be in heaven. Enhance your fantasy with some panties and suspender belts. Really feel what it's like to have that smooth skin you've always wanted. As your Mistress walks in, legs encased from toe to her lower thigh. All you can do is watch helplessly as you're drawn in, her sexual prowess overwhelms you. You are completely willing for the softest touch. Mind blown away by utter sensuality.

Fully Private Custom Built Safe Playspace with Unmarked Private Doorway. On road Parking available at various local locations. You will never run into another client at my premesis, I am Independent and my Dungeon premesis is mine alone.
My Designer Fetish Wardrobe, Toys, Leather Gear, Bondage Gear are all inclusive and available during your session. Full shower and Bathroom Facilities with Unlimited Fluffy Towels. Time to shower and relax before and after your session. Quality Toiletries available for use before and after your session.
Complimentary Aftercare with Mistress upon the completion of the session. Relaxed time together to debrief in comfortable surroundings and recap our adventures. A selection of seasonal wines accompany a Beautiful Charcuterie Board filled with an incredibly fresh selection of cheese, meats, fruits and other interesting morsels according to the season.
Complimentary taxi call service if required.
This session is a 1 on 1 with sophia and includes multiple fetish play options in one easily customisable session. This is suitable for all levels of play right through to the highly experienced fetishists
8 HR SESSION $10,000 NZD
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