this session is a group session with Sophia and an optional number of additional playmates and partners
your group session includes the following elements

Group sessions are a full on and exciting experience. Fast paced play that never stops because as one player pauses another can enter. I really enjoy a great multi-partner play session, these tend to be incredibly positive and fun even during the most hardcore kinds of activities. I have a selection of playmates to choose from here on my website as well as the ability to source more should the session call for it. All of my classic fantasies are able to be adapted into MMF, FFM, Swingers and Orgies/Parties sessions as well completely brand new creations for all of us to enjoy.

NZ Dominatrix Mistress Sophia
NZ Dominatrix Mistress Sophia
NZ Dominatrix Mistress Sophia


Male-Male-Female or MMF sessions are a great way to experiment whether your kink is to know you arent the only one pleasing a woman or whether you would like to explore bi-play further with the guidance or interaction of Mistress. MMF sessions are a great way to incorporate voyeur, cuckold, sissification, feminization, bisexual experimentation and forced bi fa.ntasies into a really vivid session.


Female-Female-Male or FFM is a popular way to expand upon the one on one session dynamic. You can decide to add a dominant playmate who can help me torment you or we can add a submissive playmate to the session. Typically the dominant playmate and I will take turns in administrating a non-stop version of a one on one domination. Whereas when including a submissive to a traditional setting she will often be a temptation during your domination and perhaps even a reward. And for those who desire a turn in the drivers seat, you can join me in dominating our submissive playmate.


Couples are very welcome in the dungeon, and whether you simply want to experiment with myself or several partners there are a wealth of options. I understand that it is often more challenging for a couple to feel comfortable when entering a scenario as wild and strange as my dungeon offers than it is for a single man or woman, and I am dedicated to making sure that both partners are as comfortable as possible with myself as well as the level and type of play we are embarking upon. Play varies greatly depending on your kinks and experience level, your session can be an instructional learning experience if you are new to a particular facet of play, it can be a light fetish exploration or it could be a wild explosive way to push yourselves to the next level of play.


Orgies can be the most powerful of all group experiences. Single males seeking to be used and abused by a plethora of gorgeous women, or to have an erotically changed multi-submissive session are just the stepping off point for the orgy group session. Various kinds of play with a horde of women or men are possible or fetish specific arrangements can be made for the truly unique experience. Examples of fetish specific orgies are my infamous Sissy Parties in which throughout a long night of play we are able to have a revolving door of fetishists and partners complementary to the fetish at hand.

Fully Private Custom Built Safe Playspace with Unmarked Private Doorway. On road Parking available at various local locations. You will never run into another client at my premesis, I am Independent and my Dungeon premesis is mine alone.
My Designer Fetish Wardrobe, Toys, Leather Gear, Bondage Gear are all inclusive and available during your session. Full shower and Bathroom Facilities with Unlimited Fluffy Towels. Time to shower and relax before and after your session. Quality Toiletries available for use before and after your session.
Complimentary Aftercare with Mistress upon the completion of the session. Relaxed time together to debrief in comfortable surroundings and recap our adventures. A selection of seasonal wines accompany a Beautiful Charcuterie Board filled with an incredibly fresh selection of cheese, meats, fruits and other interesting morsels according to the season.
Complimentary taxi call service if required.
this session is a group session with sophia and an optional number of playmates and partners
2 HR MMF SESSION (You, Mistress & Male Partner) $3100 NZD
2 HR FFM SESSION (You, Mistress & Playmate) $3100 NZD
2 HR SWINGERS SESSION (Couple on Couple) $3600 NZD
2 HR ORGY SESSION (6 Participants) $6000 NZD
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