this session is a 1 on 1 with Sophia
your pain session includes the following elements

How can I describe how exquisite pain can be for you? Just like the itch that you scratch until you leave a bloody scar, pain satisfies the need to put pressure on your most vulnerable parts, way passed what is normal. Pain is the thrill seekers fetish, it gets your blood pumping by pushing adrenaline into your system, causing a chain reaction increasing your heart rate and oxygen uptake followed by a flood of dopamine. It is this combination that makes you feel the closest to superhuman you ever will. The high for a pain fetishist is ecstasy, panic, and a sensation of immense physicality.

The physicality that pain play provides is a kind of somatic confirmation, soma being the Latin root word for body. Far too many people go about their lives in a mental fog of internal monologues and daydreams, just dragging their meat suit behind their cerebral haze. The rush of chemicals sends your body into overdrive, your minds voice placated with dopamine your physical sensations begin to dominate. The adrenaline sparked racing heart reminds you that you do have a natural rhythm, and it is going crazy. The crisp flow of oxygen to your cells makes your body feel alive your muscles feeling like cogs in powerful machine. It is a truly tangible and somatic experience.

The options here are endless, I have an extensive set of equipment to bring you pain. I have whips, canes, floggers, clamps, crops, ropes, toys and creative ways to use my hands and feet to hurt you. I have a number of customisable scenarios for roleplay pain sessions for a fully fantastical experience, as well simple administration of pain for the purists. These sessions are versatile enough to be light pain experimentation right up into a full blown pain slut extravaganza. Pain is a chemical and it is time to take your medicine.

NZ Dominatrix Mistress Sophia
NZ Dominatrix Mistress Sophia
NZ Dominatrix Mistress Sophia


You are just rearing to go arent you pain slut? Impact play is the still beating heart of pain play. I just love the thud of flesh hitting flesh, of leather hitting flesh, of wood hitting flesh, of Mistress hitting your flesh. Brace yourself for the impact, again and again the force running down my arm to the contact point, running through your whole body jolting you forward involuntarily. There is nothing more satisfying than knocking you completely off balance. Whores like you crave the next strike, but what will come next? A short sharp sting? Dozens? Or a heavy blunt thump that leaves a deep ache to remember me by? The only way to find out is to submit yourself to Mistress for punishment.


You've all heard the term busting someone's balls but this takes the meaning to a whole new level. For those pain enthusiasts ball busting is CBT focusing around the testicles. Ball busting takes place in various forms, anywhere from squeezing, binding to striking with a hand, feet or aided devices like a paddle, whip, flogger or the humbler and other man made devices.

Dominants in particular love targeting the testicles as they are the centre of a man's sexuality. The main use for them is sex and reproduction which gives the dominant partner, usually female, immense arousal when they deny their submissive this.

In turn, men can take pleasure from being completely vulnerable while being ball busted. They love the power that a dominant has over them and can receive pleasure from this act alone. It is one of the great ways of improving the bond between dominant and submissive. Ball busting is a consensual act between partners who know their roles. Most people who enjoy ball busting have a masochistic streak and many of the subs have fetishes involving shoes, boots, feet or legs.


Ready to be struck. You love it when your cheeks glow bright red after multiple hits. Being tenderised makes you more open to simple pleasures. Appreciate your strict Mistress as she trains you to be the best submissive with a favoured instrument, the cane. Different sizes at her disposal lead to either a sharp pain or thud depending on her mood. You will always be in safe hands with your Mistress. For all of you upcoming slaves, a safe word can be used to give you that push into Mistress' open arms. Time for that caning you've always dreamed about.

Face Slapping

Ready to be in the hand of your Mistress. The moment you bend your will to her desires, she will begin slapping that sensitive skin of yours. Face slapping is an easy way for your Mistress to show her power over you. For when you misbehave a quick slap to the face gives you a fast reminder that draws your attention back to pleasing her, which is the main goal here. In a short space of time she can find your limits, from a light finger slap to a full open palm across those rosy cheeks you will soon realise how quickly your devotion to her grows.


Eager for something more than a spanking. Flogging is for you. Although it is more extreme, if you begin slow enough, even the novice submissive can appreciate a good flogging. The main focus of your Mistress today is to strike your back or even buttocks continuously. She can mix it up by varying the amount of tails making contact with your chosen area. Sharp pain or that great thud pounding you. So many ways to get those endorphins you desperately crave.


Corporal punishment with benefits. The best way to take care of your posterior. Bend over and present your willing ass to your Mistress. You're desperate to be spanked and she has the right tool for the job. With the aid of her wooden, leather or even plastic paddle, you will receive the sexual gratification you deserve from being struck across your buttocks. If you've been really naughty, your genitals, breasts or even lower abdomen will suffer her wrath.

Nipple Torture

We all know how you love to play with your breasts. Why not up the ante and let your Mistress take care of them with some intense stimulation. You will become so aroused that you won't care if they're clamped, pinned, bound or caned. So many opinions to torture one of your most sensitive erogenous zones. Your erecting nipples can be taken care of even further with some electricity and temperature play. One of the best ways to find that sweet spot between pain and pleasure.


Nothing is more thrilling than the sound of a whip cracking. In the hands of your Mistress, you will truly understand what power is. The toy that will give you the biggest dose of dopamine, the rush you will never forget. Whipping is incredibly difficult to master but not to worry. As always your Mistress is highly skilled and knows exactly where to strike to have you pleading for more. A wonderful way to enforce her hold on you.


Time for your Mistress to completely walk all over you. You become aroused at the thought of the pressure and humiliation of lying utterly helpless. She can choose to jump or stomp on any part of your body she desires. To increase the force upon you, the addition of boots or heels can be used. You will be screaming in ecstasy with every foothold. The moment she presses against your precious member you will explode in orgasm.

Fully Private Custom Built Safe Playspace with Unmarked Private Doorway. On road Parking available at various local locations. You will never run into another client at my premesis, I am Independent and my Dungeon premesis is mine alone.
My Designer Fetish Wardrobe, Toys, Leather Gear, Bondage Gear are all inclusive and available during your session. Full shower and Bathroom Facilities with Unlimited Fluffy Towels. Time to shower and relax before and after your session. Quality Toiletries available for use before and after your session.
Complimentary Aftercare with Mistress upon the completion of the session. Relaxed time together to debrief in comfortable surroundings and recap our adventures. A selection of seasonal wines accompany a Beautiful Charcuterie Board filled with an incredibly fresh selection of cheese, meats, fruits and other interesting morsels according to the season.
Complimentary taxi call service if required.
this session is a 1 on 1 with sophia and includes a range of pain play practices both physical and mental
8 HR SESSION $10,000 NZD
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