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I am Mistress Sophia, the fantasy specialist to make your wildest fantasies come to life. I am an award winning Dominatrix, award nominated Fetish Porn Star, Producer and all around Deviant. I am the "Must See" Mistress for those who want a Personalized, Unique and Genuine Experience.


When you need a lawyer, You go to the best. When you require a Doctor, you want the most qualified. I like to answer this question in very simple terms as resistance to the idea of paying for sexual services will soon be gone from the collective conscious. As people let go of old stagnant beliefs and replace them with more sophisticated, modern ways of viewing their sexuality, my services will no longer be so abstract. The idea of going to an expert to explore intense sexual experiences in a safe environment makes absolute sense and you're already ahead of the curve.

This is your home of discovery. This website is not an advertising platform, it is a tool for you to use to develop yourself in every way possible. Every inch of this website has been purpose built by me to be utilised as a functional tool for your benefit. I want you to spend time here and feel welcome. As you can see there is a lot of content, I update regularly and there will be a complete rebuild as often enough as I desire to keep current with technology and the emerging internet landscape. The website you are currently on is version 2.0 of my first website build, this is my new baby and I hope you all adore it as much as I do. I know that many of my regular clientele check in on my website often so I hope you all enjoy the upgrades I have made and I cannot wait for you to join in with me for the next level of our journey together. I am growing up and so is this dream of mine.

I am well known for my incredible erotic BDSM sessions... slow sensual and incredibly sexy. These are fully customised to perfection according to your desires, I keep you focused throughout with body to body contact. Teased on the edge until I allow you to release. Inhale sharply with pleasure as you feel my natural breasts pressed firmly against your body A long, slow winding tease right to the edge and all the way back again. I am known amongst my devotees for being absolutely torturous with my Edging sessions.

This is your ultimate experience in heart pounding, limit testing, ultra immersion inducing sessions. I am the only one devilishly capable of gently tying you up, drawing you out right to within an inch of explosion... then dropping you for that incredible adrenaline rush you so desperately require. I will own both mind and body for the time you are with me, controlling the pacing of your experience with nothing left to chance, you are my toy to play with over and over and over again.

You know I want to leave you begging, gasping for breath and completely spent. I bring you to your absolute knees with an explosive orgasm that leaves everyone not only breathless but unable to move after this full body experience. Using my incredible body, my seductive voice, my unique mind and my high level of skill I force you to slow right down and just focus on me, leaving all of the worries of the outside world a million miles away.

It's all about me, your body and the tease.

Available Nowhere Else.


Excellence Is Obvious

As with everything, you need to find what is right for you, so here we are in the place that will offer the right suggestions for you as an individual. We do not just arrive and do the session, there are hours of planning and 10 years of experience behind every session that you have with me. I began my journey at 15 years old and have not deviated from this path ever since. You are with the Master and it shows. Why do high-end people come to me? Because I offer the maximum returns with the lowest risk. my job is to create a win/win for my clients.My role is mitigating risk while pushing you into areas of experience that you could never achieve on your own. I seek to add value for you wherever I can, not necessarily within the idea of "cost saving" (we all know what taking shortcuts does to a service) but by being focused on additional details and suggestions that bring an extra edge of intensity to your experience.

I am often asked how my day to day schedule works and what I do to prepare for my sessions, so this little post is inspired by those requests. There is much preparation and behind the scenes activity behind each session you will experience with me. Whether you are a light level first timer or an experienced regular, I devote the same amount of effort, innovation and forward planning on all levels. I love to make each session into an event so there is always much to do behind the scenes of the session to ensure all elements fit together nicely, resulting in an explosive session for the both of us!

Hours of preparation goes into each of your sessions with me...I strive to get it right every time. My Luxury fully private custom built studio is set in the heart of Auckland City, fully equipped for creating the best experiences. I see many first timers, catering to total novice beginners right up to experienced players. All pricing is listed as ALL INCLUSIVE meaning there is no extra charges, all toys, equipment, costumes, extra playmates and threesomes are ALL included for the price shown next to the session title for your easy browsing.
All sessions are customized to suit your desires, so take a minute to have a read through the session menu and reach out whenever you are ready to make your booking. I am always happy to work on a specific fantasy with you and can offer multiple ideas to make it perfect...

See You Soon.


As featured in Localist

So what's an average day like for New Zealand's most popular dominatrix? Aside from her intensive sessions with clients, which are meticulously planned by email beforehand, she spends a lot of time managing the day to day needs of her business and meditating to keep herself focused. As someone whose job it is to deal with people in a raw way, Mistress Sophia knows a lot about sexuality. Her clients are willingly put in situations where they are laid bare, emotionally and physically. Ive learnt so much with my clients, she admits. A lot of people that come in here have to be naked in front of me and Im a stranger. That takes courage and I respect them for that. The reward that Ive gotten from is that sexiness is really not what we're lead to believe.