NZ Dominatrix Mistress Sophia

We have all heard the lies of get rich quick schemes, but this isn’t one of them. I have been at the top of this business for over 5 years and it just keeps getting better. My girls are the best of the best and I would like that to include YOU! I have so much work here in my private premises in Auckland I am now offering employment opportunities to ladies and trans ladies. I pride myself on providing my girls with the best of everything. You will be in a fun, supportive and welcoming environment and you'll be well looked after. All costumes are provided and hair and make up is taken care of for you to look your absolute sexiest self. This is a great opportunity for ambitious, reliable girls who have the right frame of mind and know how to have a good time.

The earning potential is immense, fantastic $$$! Full training, support and advice provided. No experience necessary. Choose your own hours. Flexibility is no problem and you can choose to work day or night. You decide. I have a lovely regular set of gentlemen who are wealthy, non demanding, respectful and reliable clientele base. I provide a fun safe environment, you are with me in session and never alone. I provide full support and guidance all you do is be your wonderful genuine self! If you are considering entering the industry and have curious questions, do not hesitate to make contact.


I have a few select openings available for new playmates to come and train with me for 2017.
I require dedicated young ladies who bring the best of themselves to the dungeon and take pride in being the best they can be.
In return, I offer the best environment for you to have fun while earning amazing money.

- Ladies Required
- Age 18-25
- Size 4-10
- All Ethnicities welcome


Submissive positions available
Switch positions available
Domme Assistant positions available


- Size 4-10
- All Ethnicities welcome
I am extremely specific as I already have a solid team. I do not have multiple "copies" of the same type of girl so sometimes positions are unavailable simply because you might be too similar to another member of the team.
I am a staunch supporter of body positive attitudes in the dungeon and we have an array of body shapes here. My guys love all types of bodies.
Tattoos are something that I will have to sight before I can approve. High-end clientele tends towards clean skin ladies so if you have the odd small one it should be fine. Tattoos need to make sense, they cannot be unfinished or weaving messily all over the body.
Ladies with full art pieces are acceptable if they are of a high quality. I will have to show large pieces such as sleeves or leg pieces on your photos. Please be aware of that when considering your limits for discretion.


All applicants need to be happy and relaxed with physical contact with clients. All ladies are required to be open to full-service bookings.
Some sessions do not include any sex at all, then others will have a sexual element. I require versatile ladies who are happy to excel in all areas. all services are performed with protection, I will never ask you to do any sexual act without a condom and my clients never ask for this.

We believe in safer sex here. You may choose to offer more extreme services if you are confident in doing so (Anal, Extreme Submissive) and these are in a higher pay bracket. They are priced on a booking by booking basis according to your limits and the clients desires. If you are new to the industry or a little less adventurous there is absolutely still a place for you. We often do light erotic style bondage so this will be a perfect fit for you.


I am very relaxed on most things but I am extremely strict on a few things. It's probably best to write them out here first so you are fully aware of what is required of you for me to put time into you in return.
- I require ladies with a soft demeanour, classy and fun.
- I require ladies who have a genuine interest in the clients.
- Strict Time Management is how we achieve such a high satisfaction level from our clients, we always start sessions on time.
- Plagiarism of my work, content, personal style and business practices is not tolerated. Not only is this kind of behaviour totally unacceptable, it’s also embarrassing for both of us as you end up looking like a bad remake of me. Do Not Do it.
- Cattiness toward other ladies is unacceptable, we work as a supportive group here. In return, you get the best environment. We support each other and work as a team, there is no competition.
- Business Opposition is not tolerated. I have no desire to teach people how to badly replicate my business elsewhere. If you want to open up in business for yourself, I suggest not applying to work with me.
- Discretion is a must we do not talk about any sessions publicly. Ever.
- Personal Grooming and presentation needs to remain at a high standard, beautiful simple and clean hair and makeup is perfect.


I am busy at all times of the day so I offer Extremely flexible hours, most playmates are full-time students so we work around your schedule.
We operate a shared private online diary here on the website where you are able to log your available times for sessions.
It's very easy and works well for everyone.
- Daytime Sessions are Available.
- Evening Sessions are Available.
- Weekend Sessions are Available.
- School Holiday Sessions are Available.


I provide everything. You just bring your lovely self and a good attitude. You may shower and get ready on premises.
I provide designer lingerie shoes and fetish wear for each session and you are dressed by myself according to the requirements of the session.
Styles change every day and all the ladies adore this part :)


No, we do all photography "in house" and they are free. As you can see by the playmates page, I hide your identity and remove any identifying features for your protection.
The style of pictures we do is shown here on the playmates page, yours will be the same style as the ones shown here


I adore my clients and have created a finely edited group of men who know their place.
This means that we have clients who are genuinely good people and they do not push boundaries.
They are attractive professionals or travelling businessmen.


No, there are no fees or costs. I make no money off your fee and you receive the full 100% of your agreed pay. I do not charge you anything.


No, I work on a very relaxed schedule with plenty of ladies. You are not required to do a certain set of hours or any time of "set structure" in order to work with me. We work on a "booking by booking" basis.



please fill out the sections below and tell me about yourself


Please provide at least one link to images of you (don't worry if they aren't professional it's just to give me a basic idea of how you look in a natural setting) confidentiality is guaranteed, these links will never become public they are for my reference only


please fill out the sections below to let me know a general idea of when you will be available


please fill out the sections below to describe your ideal professional services